Monday, December 10, 2012

thanksgiving and more

we spent thanksgiving week at the hensons.  we had a really fun time--in fact, so much fun that i rarely picked up my camera.  chase and laura came down for several days and we all piled in upstairs.  since we live in town, we don't usually stay at our parent's house when cousins come.  we did go to the children's museum one day and all of the kids had lots of play time outside.  there were also many golf cart rides with g...

this is how we found the girls one night

and that's about all i have from thanksgiving.  i might have one or two more on my big camera that i haven't uploaded.

sam and jake banging away on the piano

sara and i took the girls ice skating one day!  the girls had so much fun! we will most definitely do it again before it ends.

the skating hurt all of our ankles...but the slide did not!  we went at a time that was not crowded.  the girls easily did the slide 20 times!

mom and sara are big idol fans, so when skylar laine was doing a fundraiser for children with muscular disabilities my mom quickly bought us tickets! we decided not to take my girls and just have some adult time!  it was a good decision! :)

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