Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Wednesday of our trip we left Boston and headed to Cape Cod for the weekend.  Thanks to Enterprise we had this brand new VW Bug!

This was the only day it rained, but it rained all day!  On our way to the Cape we made a detour through Plymouth.  Because of the rain, we didn't do Plymouth Plantation. However, we were able to see the reconstruction of the Mayflower.  It is so small--I can't imagine coming to America on something like that!

This is Plymouth Rock--supposedly--not very impressive!  This is not the way I remember it from school!

When we got to Cape Cod it was still drizzling and cold, but that didn't stop us.  We headed out to find a lighthouse!  Again, I was struck at how small they all were!

Then we went to the dock and watched some of the fisherman bring in their catch!  


We found out that we both really like cod!

 The next day we just explored the Cape--marshes, beaches, walking trails...

We had planned on doing a hike through these marshes.  It was a 7 mile hike--however, we only made it a couple of miles because we didn't realize most of it would be in sand!!

 View from the top of a lighthouse!

On our last full day in Cape Cod we rented bikes!  Neither one of us had been on a bike since our honeymoon--10 years ago!  We had the best time and we laughed so hard!  In fact, the rental shop owner made a special trip outside to tell us to make sure we were careful!  It didn't take us long to get the hang of it!

A lazy man's way to fish.

This was our reward after a couple of hours of biking...Marconi Beach.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It has the cliffs on one side lining the entire beach.  For the first time ever I have seen where the color seafoam green comes from.


Claire said...

Wow! These pictures are beautiful! I can't imagine riding on that boat either...NEVER would have thought it was that small.

The Purser Family said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! BTW, I cant wait to see your ring! Happy 10 years!