Monday, June 18, 2012


Yesterday, Zeb and I got back from a 10 day trip to Boston and Cape Cod!  It was absolutely wonderful!  This was to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  We have been saving for 3 years now and planning it almost as long!  It lived up to every expectation!!!  Obviously, we couldn't have done it without our parents.  I KNOW that we are very blessed to have parents that were willing to take on our kiddos for that long!  We promise we won't be gone that long again for a long time! 

Since this is my scrapbook, I will be posting a lot of pictures!  I will combine some so there won't be 10 separate post!  If you are planning a trip, we would really recommend this area!

We got there late Friday night and stayed at an airport hotel.  We got up early on Saturday and left our luggage at the next hotel and went to Cambridge and Harvard.  We stepped of the T (subway) and the first thing we saw was a Curious George store.  In fact, it is the only CG store! 

Harvard is such a pretty campus.  We jumped along a tour which was really interesting and worth it!  This is the library.  The story behind it is pretty fascinating.  It was built to honor a Harvard student who died on the Titanic.  The donor had 3 stipulations for giving the money.  One of them was that an outside stone or brick could never be removed.  When they needed to expand the library, they went down--5 stories down!  

This is the freshman cafeteria.

Harvard Yard

This is the science building.  The money was donated by the family who owned the Polaroid camera, hence the shape of the building!
One last story from Boston.  Somehow we didn't get a picture of the statue of the founder that is in the Harvard Yard.  However, it is known as the statue of 3 lies...1.  Mr. Harvard didn't start Harvard, he was the money behind it.  2.  That isn't a picture of Mr. Harvard, it is just a statue of a Harvard student. 3. the year is incorrect on the statue.
I just found that very strange since it is Harvard, after all!

We decided to walk back into Boston.  This was taken on the MIT campus.

A view of Boston from Cambridge.

And with us, you know food is involved!  We went to Mr. Bartley's Burgers in Cambridge for lunch.  The menu is so funny!

We sat at a long communal table--thankfully we were at the end so we weren't squeezed between people we didn't know!  It had signs decorating the entire place!

And this was my burger! ha!

 That afternoon we went on the famous Boston Duck Tour!  Besides me getting carsick/seasick it was so fun and worth the time and money!  It gave us a great overview of the city and we learned a lot!

That evening we went to a place called Scoozie's for dinner.  We ate outside and split something since we had eaten such a big lunch!

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