Thursday, February 9, 2012


As you all know, I panicked that my oven wasn't working.  Well, my dad fixed it.  It wasn't anything wrong with the oven just the lock and I can cook again! (This was actually fixed a week ago--I've just been busy!)  One morning when it was broken I had a very hard time coming up with breakfast.  Usually my kids eat cheese toast or waffles or something that goes in the oven.  The ONLY thing I could come up with was pasta--so that is what they ate--without complaining!  

This happened on the pasta morning...  I was fixing lunch for Sb to take to school and I dropped the orange peel as I was putting it in the garbage.  I bent down and got stabbed in the forehead.  Well, actually I got skewered!  I had a wooden skewer poking out of my head as I stood up!  Sb was the only witness and her eyes were huge!  I yanked it out and ran back to Zeb in the bathroom.  I was fine!  It ended up not a big deal at all--my head was just real sore for a few days!  I am so thankful it didn't get in my eye!

Also  pasta day was my great aunt Dot's birthday!  I love this picture below even though it isn't a good quality picture.  You can see Doe (my grandmother) in the background.  Can you guess who loves birthdays???  I think Dot would have loved just sitting at home and doing nothing---but her older sister wouldn't let that happen!  

Also on pasta day, we found out the hard way that Sam is allergic to juice just like the girls!  Hence the reason he is taking an oatmeal bath in his boots!  Poor little guy is still recovering from horrible blisters!

Our neighbors grandkids came for our missions conference last week and my kids were so excited to be able to play a little!  Miles and Davis, we can't wait for y'all to come back!

G's birthday was Sunday so we celebrated at their house on Saturday night!  5 of the 8 grandkids enjoyed some post dinner books!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the update. G

Claire said...

So glad your oven is fixed!!! YAY! Sounds like you need a toaster oven...cheese toast is great from those, too. :-) Thanks for posting the b-day pictures...they are too precious!

Anonymous said...

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