Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boots in a Puddle

A few days ago after the rain, I got a few minutes when Sam was the only one awake.  I took advantage of this time and taught him how to splash in the water.  I say taught, because I had to encourage him to step in it.  I have spent the last few months holding his hand and avoiding the water, so he was a little unsure!  I am quite positive he will always be looking for puddles now!

I have mentioned several times he is fond of his "butz".  Well, yesterday he took a nap in them!  I never would have let the girls do this! As you can tell, he slept peacefully!

Yesterday we went to the children's museum.  This is the only picture I took.  It cracks me up! Anna Fair looks like she is saying "What have I gotten myself into!" Notice how hard Sam is concentrating!

On a different note, we had some dinner guests last night!  It was so fun.  The only problem was that my oven isn't working! ahhh!  Thankfully my neighbors was working! Monday night I set the auto clean on our oven and the smell was strong so we hit off.  Now, the stupid "lock" light is flashing and won't stop.  It also won't let me hit any buttons!  Have any ideas?  I flipped the breaker on the oven-didn't help! I have fooled with the lock--didn't help! I have hit every button on the oven--didn't help! I have stared at it for way too much time--didn't help!  I mean, how do I cook without an oven??!!  I know we have a microwave, stove, and grill--but this girl needs an oven!


Claire said...

Such CUTE "butz!" I love rainboots but really can't seem to find a good reason to buy some for me since we have the parking garage. :-) Kate is quite non-interested in this picture. Ha! Enjoyed the meal and company so much last night! Hope your oven dilemma is solved SOON...I couldn't do without an oven either!

Anonymous said...

Love those butz!

Usemeplz said...

Nice kid:)

Anonymous said...

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