Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Party

We did Sara Beth's party on her real birthday.  She did an art party and we had a flower theme.  It was a little wild, but she had a blast so it was worth it!  I have been out of town the last two weekends so I ended up having to cut back some of my ideas due to time.  The decorations were pretty simple!

 I had butcher paper on the wall for them to draw on while everyone was arriving.  She invited the girls in her class and a few others from preschool last year.  Everyone was able to come so that made it extra special for her!

The first project was to paint a flower shaped canvas.  They all got really into this!

Their second project was to do thumb print flowers and these flower pots.

 We did it in the garage due to the rain.  As the party went on the high humidity made it a little slippery.  Thankfully Leigh and Sam were the only ones that slipped and Leigh was the only one who got hurt!  But boy--she sure got a goose egg!


Claire said...

Looks like SOO much fun! Glad it turned out as a success. Hope that goose-egg goes down quickly. :-)

Anonymous said...

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