Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pre-Christmas Activities

I didn't get around to posting any pictures last week due to the stomach bug that hit our family, so my goal is to get them all on the blog this week!  We shall see!

On the 23rd we went to The Children's Museum with Katie and Bryson (cousins).  It was funny to me because they played with completely different things than they did that Tuesday.  There are still several things there that they haven't even touched!

Is this how I look when I am pumping gas?

G, can they work  for you laying bricks this summer?  They would be mostly straight!

And Bryson wants a job putting up siding!

They had a lot of fun dressing up and playing with the reading games!

That night we went to Canton to have some fun!  It was beautiful!  Sam loved looking at the lights!

She definitely thinks the 30 minute wait for the carousel was worth it!

I love this pic...Mom and Bryson look like they are having the best time ever!


The Hensons said...

i can totally picture you pumping gas like that!

Anonymous said...

I will hire them all.