Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 months

Sam, you are six months old!  You are still a very sweet and happy child!  You seem to stay sick--thankfully it is just small things!  Even then, as long as you are in my arms you are fine!  You like to sit up, although you can't do it on your own yet.  You get 5 bottles a day and you are eating food once a day right now.  You have had rice cereal and peas.  Both of which you like.  You really enjoy playing with your toys, but watching your sisters is still by far your favorite activity!  You love to go for a walk in your stroller--which is nice since you go a lot!  You are 14 1/2 lbs (less than 25 % on a term baby chart) and you are 26 1/4 inches (50%)--long and lean!  

You absolutely love books!

Austin has become a favorite as well!

Not so sure about your first bite of food...

not too bad...(love the smile behind the spoon)

wanting more...

Since you haven't been feeling well your sleep is not the best right now.  Last week I put you on my bed so I could brush my teeth before we took your sisters to school.  I was quick, but when I came back this is what I found!

We love you!


the blonde, herself said...

I am in love with these pictures! How precious!!

Anonymous said...

I love you too, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Anna! Every one of them made me smile. I love you Sam! Happy 6 months!
Love, Holly

superman said...

The baby is so cute!
Great picture!

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Anonymous said...

Precious pictures. I love you, baby boy. Honey

mj said...

Wow! I love your little baby he's so cute!

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Casey said...

Your little baby looks so cute...Very nice and pretty..

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