Monday, January 31, 2011

A fun visit

So, before we had kids Kristen, Rebecca, and I would go on regular girls weekend trips.  That doesn't happen anymore.  All four of us had babies in 2010.  Kristen's little boy was born in November and they haven't made a trip to Jackson--yet! But, Emily and Rebecca came a couple of weeks ago and stayed at our house.  It was a blast!

Jake and Graham are Rebecca's two boys...then my three...then Mary Brooke is Emily's little girl.

Mary Brooke is used to being an only child, but she enjoyed soaking up all the attention from my girls.

Leigh was so funny with her.  I don't think Mary Brooke got out of Leigh's sight for the entire 24 hours!

Graham was sure what all this pink was about, but he enjoyed it!  Justin would have died if he had seen all Graham had on!  No worries though...he's back in a boys only house in Mobile!

It's so fun we all had babies in 2010!  Mary Brooke was born March 31st, Graham June 23rd, and Sam July 2nd!

Sara, my sister, is a wonderful aesthetician!  She came over and did mini facials on us--very fun!

Jake and Sam have matching outfits!

It was a fun, relatively calm 24 hours that must be repeated soon!


Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun!

The Gardners said...

We can't wait!!! Thank you again!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like way too much fun. Glad it could happen

Anonymous said...


MyrtleHernandez said...

amazing babies..really cute and very happy..
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