Friday, July 17, 2009

I finally took Leigh to get her haircut. Now I say- finally-because Zeb has been saying for months that she needed a haircut--I just didn't agree! Well, I see why he said so...she looks much neater now!

She wasn't crazy about the idea and had no intentions of letting go of me. It took a while, and a comb, but she did...and actually started liking it.

Here she is showing off her new cut

And here's SB showing off hers, along with the cookie My May bought her after lunch.
It makes me so sad because SB is getting opinionated (I have no idea where she would get that from!). She wants her hair long--I want it at her chin--I just don't know what to do!


Lance and DK said...

cut hair cut on leigh. dk

Lance and DK said...

i meant "cute" dk

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut.

Opinionated??? Really!


The Pegg Family said...

Katie is the same way. we are all about the long hair!! love the haircuts. Couldn't go wrong on such cute girls

Holly Henson said...

i love leigh's haircut!