Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to the USA

Monday morning is going to be a rude awakening for the Henson family. We have enjoyed 3 WHOLE days with Daddy home! We can really get used to this new job!

sara beth has been badly wanting to share a sucker with leigh--i finally let her
our living room became tent city

everyone had a great time

saturday morning jennifer dryden and i went and walked in the watermelon classic--lots of fun plus it was exercise

leigh really liked my new t-shirt

we are so excited to have the lowry's back in town
sara beth and barnes
leigh and henry getting some swing time in

this morning we had a guest preacher at church. dr. ric cannada preached a really good, thought provoking sermon on "saturation evangelism". I really liked this term that he coined. his sermon was based mainly on deuteronomy 6 where we are told to talk to our kids about God all the time. he encouraged us to saturate our children with the gospel, but always being concerned for their heart. It reminded me a lot of the book shepherding a child's heart by ted tripp. anyway, i would encourage you to go to and download it.
after naps we took a stroll down the street to visit with mr. and mrs. davis. they are so sweet to visit with the girls. sara beth talks about mrs. davis all the time and would go everyday if i let her.

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful weekend. loved zeb in the tent - he looks stuck. how well do i remember those sheets over furniture. great cheap fun. honey