Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching up

I have so many pictures to post from the last few weeks, so I am going to try to catch up some today.

Here the girls are eating corn from a gas station--yes, you read that correct! Bo Bo (my dad) ordered corn from Inverness and Sara went and picked it up at the Shell in Brandon! Very strange in my opinion--I mean, how do you find out about stuff like that? However, it was some of the best corn I've ever had!

It looks like Leigh is loving it--actually not at all! The cob did feel good to knaw on though!

A friend of a friend was so very kind to GIVE my girls two coups! I've been looking for one for quite a while--and now we have two!!

Maybe we just need one though!
Their new favorite spot to play is under the sink in their bathroom! You should see all the junk they can fit under there!

A quick pic before church

The girls love their new gowns that Honey made for them! My friend Rebecca's little boy, Graham, came for a visit. I had a cute picture of the 3 of them, but SB deleted it accidentally. They had a great time playing! Graham has never seen so much pink in his life! We only had one small accident...
and we have no idea what happened! She screamed like she never has before and it bled for a long time! (She's perfectly fine now!)
And after a change of clothes, the three of them enjoyed a great dinner!

And then some great playtime!

My absolute favorite thing Leigh does now is nod--I just love this video!


Jen said...

so sweet. thanks for the update. look forward to seeing you all in person (and not just pics) soon. love you all

The Hensons said...

ok. let me set you straight. as you said, the corn is the best around. the robertsons of indianola/inverness grow the corn and have a mega contract with walmart and other groceries around the state. we have eaten enough of it this summer, as well as supply the tupelo hensons, to have corn growing out our ears. don't know how the gas station got in on the deal, but they are smart. it is the best. and i know all this because i'm from where else? you guessed it, inverness, aka, mayberry. luv all the pics. dk

Anonymous said...

Love to see these pictures. What did Dr. Z say about the bloody nose?