Thursday, May 21, 2009

Needless to say, the girls are a little tired from all of our travels and are having a difficult time getting back to reality. Tuesday was one of those days, but it just so happened to also be my birthday. We had Sara Beth's end of the year party, but other than that it was a fairly normal day. The girls were pretty cranky after nap. At some point during the day I texted Zeb and told him we should rethink dinner. I had wanted us to go out as a family since we had been apart so much, but I wasn't so sure after the day. We went to Cock-of-the-Walk. The entire way you could here us saying, "girls, we are going to be happy and we are going to have fun..." We never believed that we would...

But...the girls were great and it was a wonderful birthday dinner! Sara Beth wanted to sit beside her daddy. Around the corner was not close enough. Poor Zeb had a tiny corner for his plate!
Can you see all the grease on her face? She loved it!

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