Thursday, May 14, 2009


We also had the opportunity to go to Napa. We drove from Carmel to Napa and the view is amazing. California is so unique. We are driving with the Pacific on one side and mountains on the other. Then we go through artichoke, strawberry and lettuce farms. Then we would drive through a big city. All of this within a couple of hours.

A view of the grapes in a row

We stayed in a neat bed and breakfast and we were spoiled rotten with amzing food. Our room was actually redecorated on Trading Spaces. Therefore, I felt that I needed to take a few pictures.

Zeb's favorite part of the B and B-a pull down movie screen in the room
grapefruit and orange trees were outside our room

We went to a couple of wineries. They were very interesting and informing. I will post more later on these.

I have so many more pictures to post in California, but it will have to wait until next week because I am taking the girls to the beach for a few days to hang out with some of Zeb's family! Then I should be home for a while!!!

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