Monday, December 29, 2008

Pre-Christmas Activities

My girls checking out their new baby cousin, Alexandra! Oh, how they love her!

Sara Beth's Christmas party at school--too busy eating to take a picture!
We went to a party where everyone was to bring money for a family that the hosts adopted! Here the girls are posing for a pic with Santa!

We went with Honey, G, and Wes to the Ag Museum. It was soooo cold!!!

I have always loved the giant rocker at the ag museum. Growing up it was at the fair every year.

We went with My May and Bo Bo to Canton! Sara Beth had great fun on all the rides and looking at the lights! We went to Papitos to eat beforehand--delicious!

Here we are at Daddy's work party! The peds department has a family Christmas party every year. Santa makes an appearance and gives the kids a present. Sara Beth got a book and Leigh got a bathtub toy!

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laura said...

all the new pictures are adorable! let's get together soon to play!