Monday, December 29, 2008


Glory to God in the Highest! Luke 2:14
These are 4 of Sara Beth's cousins. Baby Alexandra is asleep! Honey made them all matching p.j.s. We spent the 23rd and 24th with the Hensons celebrating Christmas!

Ariana-age 3 (Holly and Franks), Sara Beth (2 1/2), William -3 (Laura and Chases), Wes -19 mo. (Laura and Chases), Leigh 9 mo.

Sara Beth got her first princess costume this year for Christmas. Aunt Laura, Uncle Chase, William, and Wes gave it to her. For those of you who know Aunt Laura well, you know what a challenge it was for her to pick this out and buy it! I think she did a great job! So does SB!!!!

Leigh loves her new rocking chair that Honey and G gave her. She's clapping to show her excitement!

Yea Leigh!!!!! Yes, I am giving my 9 mo. old nilla wafers (speech pathologists orders)! And she loves them--no wonder she is such a big daddy's girl! (Daddy and Austin (the dog) eat nilla wafers nightly before bed!)

You never quite know where Leigh will end up stuck!
The girls with my grandparents (affectionately known as Dub and Doe Doe)!

For the first time this year, we spent Christmas Eve afternoon at our house. What a fun, special, and memorable time. We went to the service at 1st Pres. It was a family friendly service so we took Sara Beth in with us. Then we came home, ate paninis and cheese soup, and made cookies for Santa. We might just have to make this a tradition!
Then we woke up and Santa had come! SB was so funny. For 2 1/2 months all she has wanted for Christmas are pink shoes. Santa got her a pair of pink glittery Wee Squeak shoes. She likes them, but it wasn't the drama that I am sure we will see in a few years. I know she likes them though, because she told the cashier at Wal-Mart all about them today! He also brought her a scooter and helmet...

and a real working camera (maybe her favorite!)

and He brought Leigh a big girl car seat that matches big sisters!

Christmas Day afternoon we went to My May and Bo Bo's to celebrate. I am so sorry that I didn't get a good picture of the cousins on this side. Sara Beth's main gift was a dollhouse that my dad built fully decked with cute furniture that mom picked out. I am sure there will be many posts about this. She also got a cupcake maker. I can't believe that it actually makes a cupcake in 30 seconds!

Leigh's main gift from my parents was a tepee. (again, I am sure it will be in many posts). She also got a raincoat. I think my kids can finally stay dry in the rain. They both have a raincoat and I got my umbrella!!!!! This might be my favorite gift (this is the 3rd year I have asked for one and finally someone took me seriously). It is a little umbrella that fits in my purse, but it opens up really big!! Perfect for a mom with two little ones! Thanks Zeb!


The Hensons said...

no challenge is too big for me to accomplish for that little princess!! of course, the basketball goal was a little easier to pick out!

Anonymous said...

what a fun Christmas. the pictures are great. honey

Anonymous said...

Great job Anna! Keep em coming.

The O'Brien Family said...

Saw you 4 had a blog from Laura! The girls are beautiful and growing up!!!