Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pre-Cruise and Day 1

Two weeks ago we went on what I think may be my favorite vacation to date--a Disney Cruise!  We planned it only 5 weeks prior so it was definitely last minute.  A huge thanks to Brittany Odom who actually booked everything for us!  My parents and Elizabeth and her family ended up going too and that made it even better!

We left Saturday late morning and drove all day so that on Sunday we would be able to visit with some friends that live about an hour from Orlando in a retirement community!  It was such a cool place--I mean check out that golf cart!

Mr. John used to be the chief of the NYC fire department--Sam thought it was super cool to wear his hat!  He started the fraud department for an insurance company and hired my dad as his first employee!  That's when we lived in Connecticut.  I wish I had taken this picture at a different angle because off to their right are pictures of Mr. John on the Tonight Show and various other shows!   

We had a great lunch at a Mexican place, but for some reason I can't find the picture!

Then we went off to Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This ended up being a day before treat thanks to my brother in law, Frank, who had extra Disney points!  This was definitely one of the highlights and we will NEVER forget it!  

The pictures of the animals were taken RIGHT off our balcony!  We spent lots of time watching the animals.  On Monday morning they were so playful!

We also did our fair share of swimming and sliding!

We ordered food for the kids at the pool and then had yummy Indian food once they went to sleep!  This was delicious!  It was from a restaurant in the Animal Kingdom--we just ordered it to go! The most fun part was that we ordered the bread which came with 3 different types of bread and 9 dips!

At lunch we boarded the ship!  Strangely enough we all arrived at the same time and parked next to each other!  

Day 1 family picture

The kids zone wasn't opened quite yet, but they did let you walk through and look at it--of course we had to check out the Star Wars section!

After the instructions we got a cute picture of my dad with some of his grands.

And then headed off for the deck party.

The girls all got one braid in their hair--this lady was quick--it took her about 30 seconds per braid!

Then off to the first show--with wet hair!  This night was "The Golden Mickey"--excellent!

After a delicious dinner we headed back to our room where we had a crab waiting on us!

Mickey gave the kids a happy every day--the first day was pajamas!

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