Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer Picture Dump

Maybe if I do 2 or 3 summer picture dumps I can get caught up enough to feel like I'm not behind!  I need to stay up to date because this is my scrapbook--also known as my memory!  

Emily and Sara Beth had a great time at camp this summer.   

Free Chicken Day was while Sara Beth was at camp...

Mrs. Lauren and Marshall took them while I worked.  This picture makes me laugh...Marshall looks miserable and Sam's shirt--aghhhh!

I had a Twin Lakes board meeting the week Sara Beth was at camp so I was able to steal a picture and a hug while she was gone for the week!

We spent lots of hot afternoons hanging out at the children's museum.

love what Leigh wrote

Leigh and Millie Ruth after MR had fun playing with Leigh's hair.

Sam got a fun trip to Tupelo to hang out with the boys!

Salt block shrimp is the best!  It is definitely a favorite around here.

This makes me laugh--Sara and I both had the polish come off our 4th toes! Actually my whole toe nail came off!

SB got her braces off!  We were so excited!  She had the hardest time with braces--her poor cheeks would have so many ulcers and then would get infected and then grow around her wire.  And even almost 3 months after getting them off she still has marks on her tongue.

SB and a few of her friends had a fun book club that met a couple of times!

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