Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last week of summer...

My sweet, sweet grandmother died the last week of summer, so needless to say we didn't end summer how I had planned!

Zeb took the kids to Chick fil A in the hospital so I could visit my grandmother. While they were eating,  I got this picture!  Can't believe my little guy is losing teeth!  He actually lost his second one last week--it wasn't near ready, but he thought it was so he pulled it at school.  He told me he had to twist a lot and pull hard! He got very upset when I suggested that it might have been difficult to get out because it wasn't quite ready!

I have no idea what they were watching...but I love this...

Sam brought this home from Sunday School one Sunday.  At first I thought it was two people inside a pig.  I'm glad I asked because that is the two of us inside the van cleaning it out!  And that week he did help me clean the van!

Emily came from Hattiesburg and met us and the Goldmans at the Jump Palace.  I seriously think mine can never tire of jumping.

Then we had lunch at Newks.

Leigh loves babies!!

The kids all picked what they wanted to cook for dinner and then went to the farmer's market to buy what they needed.  Sam decided to make a tomato salad.

Leigh sauteed some corn.

Sara Beth roasted broccoli.  And they all helped with the chicken.

It was delicious!

When Marshall came over wearing his Captain America shirt, Sam had to go find his!

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