Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blueberry Pickin'

Back in late June we went to Hope Fruit and Berry Farm to pick our blueberries for the year!  We spent a morning out there picking and eating blueberries.  I think we ate as much as we picked.  And I say "we picked" very loosely.  I didn't pick many at all--I was still new in my boot and it was hot with uneven ground--at least that's a good excuse!  Leigh and Sam didn't pick many either--and their excuses weren't nearly as good as mine!  However, Zeb and Sara Beth picked!  And they picked lots!

The owners of the farm happen to be good friends of ours!  So the kids had a blast when they weren't picking!  There was a big rain shower and the girls "shared" and umbrella while they were eating blueberries!  Leigh did try to eat some out of the bucket Zeb had already picked and she was quickly told to go pick her own!

I can't remember exactly how many we picked, but I'm pretty sure it was 20 pounds!  Yum

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