Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Beach

We did something different this year and spent Thanksgiving at Rosemary Beach with the Hensons!  Thanks Honey and G for a fantastic place and maybe even more important, the heated pool!  They paid extra for that and it was definitely worth it!  It rained for the first 3 days we were there, but that didn't stop the kids from swimming.  There was no thunder, so they swam in the cold rain and didn't care at all!

The girls getting in some girl time before the 3 boys came! 

While Zeb was throwing the kids in the pool, I was flipping through a magazine on the balcony!

This happened several mornings...

We should have counted the hours they swam.  I think they all had been missing the pool.

I had to put this picture on here because I can't believe Sam let anyone hold him like this.  Even though William and Sara Beth are the same age, he won't let her.  And it hurts her feelings so much!!

Lots of playing in the sand time too!  

The waves were HUGE at the beginning of the week and it was almost still at the end of the week.

G and Zeb decided to both buy doughnuts one day.  After everyone ate their fill, there was 40 left over!

There was some story telling going on here!

Krazy Kolor ice cream

studying transformers

This guy has the best laugh...

And then we came home to reality...
surprise...a giant 9 x 6 mirror was on the floor in thousands of pieces.  I was SO UPSET to see more wallpaper!  For those who remember, there was ugly wallpaper all over this house and it took professional guys weeks to get down!  ERRR    

And a hole in my living room... the leak was fixed before we left, but the guy never came that was going to patch it.

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Anonymous said...

my favorite picture is of sb with her book and sunglasses...i'm actually crying right now. she looks so old and grown up...boohoo.
what a great trip. glad yall got to be together!
eady made up a song for sb-
"roses are red, violets are not.
sarah beth is my best friend and i miss her a lot"

:( :(