Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA: School Pics can lead to a Broken Arm

I sent this picture to some of our family and told them that Leigh had broken her arm.  The reasonable assumption was that she broke it doing gymnastics.  Not the case.  That's just when I realized she was serious about it hurting.  We went to gymnastics on Thursday and she didn't use her arm AT ALL!  

This is how she broke her arm (on Wednesday morning at 7:30)...taking back to school pictures!  They took a silly picture and a silly picture with bookbags on their backs led to some unsteady feet.  Leigh ended up on the bottom of a few kids and she hit her arm against the curb.  Now...she let out the EXACT same scream she did two days prior when she got bitten by a bug so I didn't really think it was hurt.  Lesson learned!  She now has her own personal "don't cry wolf" story.

See this poor pained face...yep...well, I told her teacher she had fallen, but that it was just nerves!  I know I deserve the Mother of the Year Award!

We got it x-rayed on Thursday after gymnastics, but the cast people were already gone for the day.  So she had a splint overnight and got a really cool tye-dyed cast on Thursday!

Now she will never forget breaking her arm on the 1st day of 1st grade and her momma not believing her!

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