Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twin Lakes is the place to be--Camp Doctor Week

We had the privilege of moving south this past week and living at Twin Lakes while Zeb served as the camp doctor!  To say we had a blast is an understatement!  We've sent our girls since they were old enough (SB is going for her third time next week and Leigh went for her first time a few weeks ago) and we've known it was a great place.  But, spending the week down there put it in a whole new perspective!  I am so impressed with the staff.  We both enjoyed getting to know some of the counselors and they are impressive young people!  It is so organized-- teaches the Gospel very clearly-- the food is good-- and everyone has lots of fun!  There is never a dull moment!  I hope we can do this again!  (warning...there are almost 60 pics in this post!)

Just arriving--Sam loves to "hide" behind his police gear!  He put this on anytime he got nervous by the amount of people.

Everyone had their own room in the lodge we stayed in--Sam loved having the top bunk!  


The lake was the girls' favorite place--they visited it four times!

A couple of pics to prove Sam got in--it wasn't his favorite thing he did all week.  However, he did have a lot of fun playing in the sand next to the lake.

From what we hear this is one of the best blobs of the summer!

from the top of the fire tower

my favorite place with one of my favorite people

now this was Sam's favorite--he got to do it twice!  i know what he will be getting for christmas!  

i got to read a book while we were down there which was a real treat.  i enjoyed lots of good porch time with Z.  this particular morning it was very early and raining--near perfection!

this sweet counselor, david, i babysat when i was little.  sam loved him!  

apparently  it takes lots of hensons and several days to find a lizard that was loose.

the giant slip and slide was a family favorite as well.

 sam went down several times like this--ha

the healthcare staff raced us a few times.

no fear from my girlies--lots of fear from momma!

while zeb and i were enjoying porch time early in the morning, our crew played in the sand.

having fun with the vincents!

very thankful for a good, fun week filled with lots of good family time!

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