Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I always get sappy and emotional around Sam's birthday.  And I hope that I always do because he is such a reminder to us of God's providence, timing, care, and love.  We had a small chance of having Sam.  Once I was pregnant with him, it was an absolute roller coaster.  I never made it more than 2 weeks between appointments and for the last couple of months I went twice a week.  I had cysts, then he had cysts on his brain.  I was gaining between 5 and 7 pounds a week and it wasn't because of what I was eating.  Literally every single appointment there was something major to discuss.  At 24 weeks, my precious doctor Emily Johnson told me that she didn't think we would make it to 27 weeks, but that I would for sure have him by 35 weeks.  By God's grace he was born at 35 weeks.  Even that was eventful.  Of course, Emily was out of town for the 4th.  I had spent the previous night getting sick every time I rolled over and Zeb declared the next morning that I didn't look good.  Ha!  He called in to his first day ever of his real job and told them he had to take me to the doctor.  After the BPP the nurse said he wasn't moving or breathing like they wanted and that's all it took for him to be born shortly thereafter.  My mom was out of town.  Sandi was playing tennis, and Sara was stuck at my house with no carseats and 2 precious girls! It was kind of hectic!  But after a little while in the NICU he was good to go!  When I go back and read old blog posts, I am reminded of how hard the first 18 months to 2 years were with him.  Every single monthly update I did on him discussed various illnesses he had had. I am so thankful to God that the last two years of his life he has been so healthy.  He is such a joy to our family and definitely completes the Hensons!

I love this picture.  It's my favorite from that time.  His chest MAJORLY caved in when he took a breath and I really couldn't stand it.  The nurses were so sweet and always flipped him onto his tummy when I came in. He just looked a lot more peaceful like that!

 He was 3 days old here!  The first time I held him!  Pretty special!

This is my grandfather, Sam.  Our Sam's namesake.  I am so thankful that Sam was born just 4 months before Dub passed away!  He was so proud to have a namesake!  That is almost all he talked to me about those last 4 months!

The day we got home!  This was first time of many he was trying to figure out his sisters!

Zeb's finger and Sam's leg

One of my all time favorites!  Sam has the BEST daddy!  And Sam adores him!

1st haircut with Ms. Terry and first sucker

And now...ALL BOY!

Sam, you love to play.  Right now you are into legos, transformers, books, cars, and really any toy.  You are very content to stay at home and play.  You love doing anything outside!  You are a pretty good eater.  We laugh because sometimes you get bored with eating and don't care if you finish or not. You just want to move on.  We can usually count on you to eat a HUGE breakfast (more than your sisters and I eat all together)!  Dinner you could take or leave!  You loved your first year in school and talk about your friends all the time.  You really like to sing and you talk NONSTOP!  You love your sisters and miss them a lot when they are not at home, but right now you don't really want their help doing anything!  

Happy 4th birthday!  We love you!


Runs With Scissors said...

Oh Anna. Makes me cry looking at the pics and remembering both the roller coaster and God's goodness and power to heal and mend. We have a multigenerational love for Sam (and his whole family).

Timothy said...

happy birthday sam! grateful to watch you grow...from afar!!
~the davenports

Anonymous said...

Sam,, you are truly a blessing. Our caboose. What fun watching you. we are so thankful that God chose us to be your family. Much love to you. Honey