Monday, April 22, 2013

Last week in iphone pics

Leigh came bounding into our bathroom a few mornings ago so proud of her artwork.  She had the biggest bounce in her step and the biggest smile on her face.  Zeb and I just glanced at each other.  A book jacket isn't exactly the place for a masterpiece not to mention they aren't supposed to have markers/crayons/pens upstairs!  My sweet husband started to say something and then caught himself.  Instead of telling her what all she had done incorrectly he ended up saying..."Next time, I could not love you anymore." Ha!  The time will come when we can tell her that you don't draw on book jackets, but that morning she was proud and she walked away with the fact that her daddy loves her!  On the left side she copied the book Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse and on the right she wrote every word she knows how to spell and drew a family picture!

We had some big time excitement when our neighbor cut down a tree and had a "tree eating machine". Poor Sam needs someone to teach him the proper names for all of these machines!

We went to lunch with Doe last week at Local 463.  It is so yummy!  Can't wait to go back!  Sam says "I look like Daddy!"

Sam's nursery buddy had surgery last week so we paused at 10:00 to pray for him.

Supporting Team Andrew with a 5k walk!

Can't believe I will have two at FPDS next year!  Leigh had her Sneak Peak last Friday! She is ready to go!

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