Friday, November 16, 2012

SB's Tribute Week

This poem is for the class
Of terrific Mrs. Nowell;
It’s about Miss Sara Beth,
Our special Henson owl.
So sit back in your desks
And listen up to me,
‘cause I’m about to tell you
some facts about SB.

She’s a precious little girl,
You’ll know right when you meet her;
But be careful if you’re cooking,
‘cause she’s a picky, little eater.
She likes her food groups separate
And would rather them not touch;
She usually eats quite well,
But if it’s mixed—not much!

She loves the game of soccer,
And plays it with such zeal!
Did you know that she’s a gymnast
And does a great cartwheel?
Bikes and dolls and hula hoops
Are things that give her glee;
But what she’s really best at
Is caring for sam and leigh.

Helpful, kind, and tender—
She always thinks of others.
In fact, just tonight
She shared her candy with her mother.
She loves God, church, and Sunday school
And pays attention to the preacher.
I think she also likes her school,--
She’s always talking about her teacher!

I probably could go on and on
And tell you more and more,
But if you know my sweet SB,
She’s running for the door!
Another thing about this girl
You may not have realized yet,
Is that all this talk about her
Has embarrassed her to death.

So, I’ll conclude this tribute poem
With one thing left to do,
“Sara Beth I must confess
straight from me to you;
I’m proud of everything you are
And the things you say and do
And me and mom and Sam and Leigh
We all love you.”

Zeb wrote this poem because SB was the star student at her class this week.  I know she can't fully appreciate it now, but I know she will later!  

I made some owl cupcakes for her class and went and read a book to her class on Tuesday!  Her teacher makes this week so special for each child!  She had a blast!

Her Thanksgiving party was also today!

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