Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday Fun

My Mom's birthday was the 11th and my Dad's was the 14th.  To celebrate, my grandmother took us all to AJ's for dinner.  

This was a big one for Mom so the kids are telling her that Bo Bo was going to take us all to New Orleans on Saturday!  She was so surprised!  He figured what she wanted most was for everyone to just hang out!  To do that, we really have to get out of town--where there would be no farming, errand running, napping, or phone talking--just fun family time!

Bo Bo's turn---Sam looked up at Bo Bo and said "I brrood it, Bo Bo".

Saturday morning we headed out in the 15 passenger van very early so that we could eat some breakfast down there!

Then we walked around the French Quarter--this REALLY grossed us out-but the kids had a blast!


We picked up Johnny's po-boys and headed for the river.

The plan was to go to the zoo.  However, the parking lot was packed so we opted for a trolley ride!

Then headed to the park for some playtime!

Mom kept Sam occupied on the way home by looking at pictures!  All 5 kids were EXCELLENT travelers!  

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