Thursday, August 9, 2012


buddy, sam, sam i am, brother, lil' man, bud, baby--all of are names that sam is being called right now by his sisters.  they are all very appropriate--i can't wait to see what else they end up calling him!

he is the funniest little guy!  he tries so hard to play and keep up with them, and this sometimes means getting into a few "girl" toys.  however, when it comes down to it--he's all boy-- rough, tough, fast and sweet

playing dress up--notice he has on princess shoes

and then two minutes later- jumping on my coffee table

he's definitely a ham

his first line of cars

i told a friend on friday that i was no where near ready to potty train this little guy.  i knew he was ready but he was absolutely afraid of the potty!  but, that maybe i would try about christmas.  well, when i talked to her on monday i told her potty training was well under way!  monday and tuesday he had one accident, and wednesday none!  this might go down as the easiest child in history to potty train!  of course, now that i said that, we will have some major setbacks!  i am sure accidents will happen, but so far, so good! and he looks really cute in his big boy underwear!
oh, and in the above picture he was playing "daddy" and going to the grocery store.  now, zeb does go to the store every now and then, but i'm pretty sure he always wears clothes! and this little man obviously doesn't have any clothes!

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Sara said...

he is such a sweet, precious little man! love him so much, and am so excited he is in his "big Boy" underwear. he looks precious!!!!