Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4 year old

Today was Leigh's first day of school, so we had her Back to School Party last night.  When I asked her what she wanted she quickly picked cheese sandwiches and milkshakes.  I sort of laughed out loud because I have NEVER made a milkshake!  You can tell by her face how excited she was about her special dinner!

This girl has my eyes and can't see a single thing without glasses!

Her teacher is Mrs. Julie Gordon and she has the CUTEST room!  Sam quickly made himself at home and played with the Gordon Grocery Store.

McCalara, Miller, and Leigh checked out the gingerbread house.

Leigh and Mrs. Gordon

I told her I was leaving so she could have her tea party and she gave me a thumbs up!

While Graham and Leigh were at the tea party, Sam and Jake had fun playing with some toys.

And check out this cool airplane the park has now!

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Sara said...

she is growing up way too fast!