Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I missed a week of my life

I know I really didn't miss a week, but it sure feels like that.  I have been thinking there were two weeks left until February 1st.  I learned today, only after causing minor chaos among MOMS leadership, that this isn't the case!   Usually I am a very by the calendar person, so this has kind of thrown me all day!  ha!  Next week at MOMS is our missions conference and our expert panel!  I am very excited about the panel.  It has 3 ladies on it that are expert because they have reared Godly children and have been married many years! I can't wait to hear what they have to say to all of our questions!

In discipleship group on Wednesday nights we are reading Maximum Impact by Wayne Mack.  Overall, I really like the book.  He has definitely made me think.  It takes 1 Cor 13 and talks about love not from a marriage perspective, but on how to love so we can make the maximum impact for Christ.  Last week, we were talking about love believes all things.  Honestly, I have never really given it much thought about what this means.  Our group had a really good discussion as we thought through it.  There was one quote in here that I really liked.  It is especially important to think this way towards our spouse.  It is actually a John MacArthur quote, "Love will always opt for the most favorable possibility.  If a loved one is accused of something wrong, love will consider him innocent until proven guilty. If he turns out to be guilty, love will give him credit for the best motive."

Click here for Shirley Windham's 2nd talk!

Oh, and losing a week in January just means that my friend Rebecca gets here a week sooner!  Feb 3rd! That was definitely a perk to my chaotic day!


The Gardners said...

I totally understand about looking up and thinking you are a week behind where you really are!
So jealous of Bec coming! You may wake up one morning to see MB and I sleeping with Sarah Beth and Leigh bc we snuck in:)

mary_ball said...

you are cracking me up that you blogged about the week mixup! I love it!!!

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