Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we hit the ground running.  I got the girls dressed while Sam was sleeping and they made snickerdoodle cookies for Santa.

Leigh had a minor meltdown because her hands were dirty! Notice their trays! :)

Then we changed back into pjs (per My Mays request) and Katie and Bryson came over for breakfast to make Santa pancakes.

Sara Beth made Ms. Claus (no beard)

and then made Santa

Leigh, who was still out of sorts because her hands got dirty--and because she was tired, opted to just eat everything and not make a Santa.  Hence, no pic!

After breakfast Bo Bo read books until we went to Aunt JoAnns around the corner for brunch and time with Nannoh. 

Then off to the McDaniels.  My cousin and his family from South Carolina were there.  The kids had a blast and made a mess! Sorry Aunt JoAnn!

I told Jeff if he wondered what he was going to look like in 25 years to just look at my dad!

Nannoh with all her greats!

We came home for naps, then off to My May and Bo Bo's!

Elizabeth made Zeb a headband to run in...
 It's just a joke!  But, Sam looked really cute in the headband!

Look at this cool car holder Bo Bo made!  Sam has already asked for one for his birthday!

After a wonderful dinner, we headed home to put out cookies for Santa and to crash after a very full day!


Anonymous said...

Great photos!

thebuddinggourmet said...

very cute pics. :)

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