Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas at the hensons

we celebrated christmas this past saturday with the henson family.  everyone was able to come and everyone had a great time!!  g started off the morning reading luke 2.  then we ate a feast of a brunch.

g loves to read to his grands.

honey, next year you are going to need two of these tables.  no way you are gonna be able to keep reed and sam away from the kids table!

then it was present time...

g worked hard at picking these out...z's is reflective for when he runs way before the sun comes up: frank's is for a tri-athlete and he is training for an ironman: and chase's is for golf cause he's a golfer! of course they had to be silly!

then there was playtime.  and lots of it. everyone played with their toys and...

everyone elses!

william quickly put together his space shuttle--amazing at how quickly this little boy can work!

then we ate dinner and oh my! it was yummy!

 cute napkins all kiddos had

(laura got the good picture) but the little boys needed to show off their matching outfits

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Anonymous said...

Great day. I think I am starting to look like St. Nick.