Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food in Vegas

Our favorite thing about traveling is definitely the food.  Usually, Zeb and I have done lots of research and have reservations booked well in advance.  We didn't have time to do this at all for this trip!  I googled "Top 10 ____ in Vegas" on my phone before we went to eat.  Google didn't disappoint--yummy!!!

The first night we ate at Valentino's at the Venetian!  It was good-kind of pricey though!  I wish I had taken a picture of the appetizer plate.  It was beautiful and delicious.  It had 5 samples on it!!

Sunday we ate brunch at Cafe Bellagio at the Bellagio.  The omelets were great, but as the Stewarts found out orange juice is $7.50 per glass!  Zeb and I were glad we had water! ha!  The omelets were yummy and reasonably priced!

For dinner, we wanted a burger.  Google led us the the BLK at the Mirage.  It was hands down the best burger I have ever eaten!  It is a must  in Vegas!

Monday we spent all morning in the mountains and came back very hungry.  We split chips and salsa and mahi tacos with the Stewarts at La Salsa.  We got 4 different kinds of salsa and all were yummy!

For dinner, Zeb and I went to Emeril's restaurant Delmonico.  I absolutely loved my fillet!  

Tuesday was my last day to eat in Vegas, and there were still a lot of places I wanted to try.  So Mary Ellen, Kristi, and I went on a progressive lunch.  We wanted to start at Mario Batali's B and B, but it was closed at lunch. So, we started  at Grand Lux and had delicious appetizers.  I took pictures below!

Then we had freshly made noodles from Being Noodle 9 at Caesar's Palace.  I have never had fresh noodles before --oh my! I will post video later of them making the noodles.

We finished the meal with a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity!

Tuesday night we ate with a large group at Mesa Grill!  Bobby Flay's restaurant.  This was probably the best food we had!  Zeb and I split the following 3 dishes!

Pork tenderloin

Shrimp Tamale

Chicken Tacos

Our only complaint is that we didn't eat enough desserts!


The Purser Family said...

I MUST go next time!! It isn't fair I have to stay home and do all the work! I don't need a conference to eat!! ;)

Lance and DK said...

you sound like me when i travel. love to try the food. looks delicious!!!

Runs With Scissors said...

Is that a baked potato wrapped in corn husk? Photographing your meals out is a great thing to do and I love seeing all that's out there to sample.
But I've been missing you.
Hope to see you this morning.