Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leigh's snack time

Friday was Leigh's special day to bring a snack.   I asked her on Tuesday what she wanted and she said "blueberry cookies".  I asked her if she wanted blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cookies and she said blueberry muffins.  I had to make cookies for a Bible study on Wednesday so I thought I would send cookies and muffins.  While they were napping today, I made muffins.  As a snack I gave them each one.  While I was folding clothes Sara Beth asked if she could have another one and I said sure.  In the amount of time it took me to fold one load and place them on my bed I came back to only 13 out of 24 muffins!  Needless to say two sweet girls didn't need much supper tonight.    I told Zeb this on his way home and he asked me if I got upset with them.  I told him not at all because it was very cute and I wasn't real clear on the fact that  they could just have ONE more! 

The funny thing is that Zeb came home and ate 2 cookies which meant I didn't have enough of I have another batch of muffins in the oven now!


Bluebird Hill said...

take it as a compliment...they agree with me that you are a fabulous cook and we can't resist!

Anonymous said...

Where did that sweet tooth come from?

laura said...

Who can eat just one muffin?!? A batch of 24 disappears terribly quickly at our house! And just wait until Sam starts eating real food... you will be amazed at how much food a family of 5 puts away!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed you found humor in this instead of frustration. That precious moment could have been ruined but now has been saved for all of us to enjoy. Bo Bo