Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 months

Sam, today you are 5 months old! Time sure is going quickly!  Daddy would say you are definitely an arm baby--that's true because you have been sick a lot this last month so we have been holding you!  You still aren't 100%, but hopefully when you are you will feel like being on the floor more!  You reach and grab for toys, food, paper, or anything else that I have in my hands.  You love to grab hold of your sisters' hair and clothes.  You are a very happy smiley baby!  Your sisters can get you to laugh so hard and loud!  Your favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus".  You really like to read and look at pictures.  You like to sit in your bumbo seat.  You eat at 6:30 a.m., 9:30 or 10, 1, 4:30, and 8.  Then you go to sleep and you sleep like a champ when you are feeling good!  Your morning naps are off and on (bc poor thing you are in the car way too much!) and you sleep from 1 to 4ish in the afternoons.

You are getting the old man look because you are rapidly loosing your hair!  Like in the last 3 days.  If you look closely you can see all his hair on his sheets!  The top of your hair and your left side is almost completely gone.  We expect the rest to be gone in a few days.  This is new territory for us.  The girls had tons of hair and didn't loose it!  


Anonymous said...

Love that Sam!

Jen said...

You've always said you wanted a baldy!!!