Sunday, January 10, 2010

More of Christmas

As you can tell from the picture, the girls really got in to Christmas this year!

Checking out their new riding toys--we can't wait for warmer days--at least out of the 20s!
Leigh also got a horse
and they love their new strollers
After naps and a lazy morning around our house, we headed over to Doe and Dub's house for an hour or so. The girls both got new baby dolls that they already love!
Then off to My May and Bo Bo's. Katie got this cool new car! The girls loved it and the parents had a great time laughing at them! Katie definitely needs to wait a few years before she gets her driver's license.
showing off the babies that Doe and Dub got them
and things got a little messy during gift time
Elizabeth and Clark gave the girls these doctor coats--they might be their favorite gift of the year!

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Great memories!