Friday, January 1, 2010

Henson Christmas

zeb and i have had the privilege of being table teachers in the 3 year old class at our church! we have loved it! on the sunday before christmas, we were mary and joseph. mrs. kipp had the 3 year olds pretend they were shepherds and walk to bethlehem to see baby Jesus.

then, we had a birthday party for jesus. here is our table. i am so sad that part of henry's face is cut off!
leigh loves her g!
sb showing off her new movie
and leigh her baby carrier
the girls love their new beanbags
6 out of the 7 opening their ornament--reed was sleeping in a closet somewhere! and just think-next year there will be one more! a house full!
ari got a guitar and zeb was showing her how to play--we listened to beautiful singing and playing the rest of the day!
sb got new boots, coat and umbrella for the rain--we got lots of use out of it the day or two after she got it
this was the only picture i took at the shaw, chamblee, henson, meredith christmas party (we need a shorter name for it) the girls had lots of fun eating on the stairs


Anonymous said...

That rain gear photo is a classic!


Anonymous said...

you guys must be worn out after all of that partying over the holidays. i did not know that Leigh made it over the barrier on the steps. no stopping her now. honey