Monday, September 7, 2009

While Daddy is away, things are wild...

Zeb was in Michigan for 8 days at a Pediatric Board Review Class. So, to pass the time, Jen and the kids came down for a visit. We had a great time! It was good to catch up and the kids had a blast! Plus, we got a lot of sewing done!

The babies were so cute playing together. For the first time, they were interested in each other and not just chasing (bugging) their sisters!
My May and Bo Bo came over one night--Bo Bo is reading them their good night story!
They are so big! I will have to go back and find the picture of them in this exact place about 18 months ago!
Leigh (who was insistent on wearing this big yellow bow one day--don't worry--I did get a smaller green one in later) was a mess--again! She decided that this would be the week where she actually got her diaper off--a dirty one mind you--and become an artist! Now, this happened after Sara Beth had been up 2 nights with an allergic reaction and fevers of 104 plus! So, I was very tired! After a few tears (from me) I got it cleaned up easily and sent all the kids out to play! A few minutes later, all four were crying! We rushed out to find the rain gauge had been dropped and broken and SB stepped on glass and cut her foot! Thankfully, she only had 3 small cuts and Jen was able to get the glass pieces out of her foot! This was the night that My May and Bo Bo brought dinner and came to visit! It was perfect timing because it was all I could do to hold it together! Zeb came back the next day and all has been well!


The Pegg Family said...

You have to teach me the dress with sleeves/PLEASE!! Very cute :)
Also, i got that same christams fabric back in July!I love it

Anonymous said...

thanks for my delicious birthday dinner. it was great fun. honey

The Cross Family said...

Anna- love the clothes, especially the blue dresses with the collars. Is that the Children's Corner A-Line pattern from Continental? It is one of my favorites. I love it on little girls.