Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We went to a tea party with My May at Friends! It was a lot of fun! Leigh likes their muffins as much as I do!

SB and Katie were enjoying their lemonade and food.
This morning Sara Beth went to the dentist--here they are hanging out before she is called back. If y'all are looking for a dentist-Dr. Tiffany Green at Southern Smiles is wonderful!

Sara Beth "teaching" Leigh "If you're happy and you know it" at library time.

Laurie Barbour and Leigh
A few of us went to Easely Amused last Friday and painted a picture--lots of fun--and

we came home with pretty little birds!

Last week our church had a sewing camp. Since this is my new hobby I was excited to join in. We made a make-up bag, skirt, and half of a shirt (which I will finish sometime).

The firemen were checking the faucets (is that what you call them) and Bryson just so happened to be here. The very nice fireman stopped and let Bryson look at his church! This was by far the highlight of his week in Jackson.


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i still want you to paint me something!