Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea Party

Sara Beth had her Tea Party on Wednesday where she met her 3 year old teacher, Mrs. Lesa Nuzzo. She is wonderful! She seems to truly love the children and she has tons of patience! Perfect for 3 year olds!
Here they are having their tea party.
A quick hug from the Trinity monkey!
For quite a while, SB has been asking me if she can play on the computer at the library. My answer has always been, "No, because Leigh will tear the books while you are playing. We will come back when we don't have Leigh." Well, My May was keeping Leigh so on the way home from school we stopped by the library to play some Clifford. She had a great time!


Anonymous said...

what a great day for sara beth. i know how wonderful Mrs. Nuzzo is since i taught her children and i am so glad that the school year is getting off to a good start. honey

zz said...

Please tell Sara Beth that I taught Mrs. Nuzzo's little girl in 5th grade, and she was darling, too! Of course, by now she is in college!!