Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Daughter... The Dare Devil

My sisters and I grew up going to the fair every October with my grandparents. My parents have decided to continue the tradition--which Zeb and I are more than happy to let them--they pay!!! This year we were sad that Zeb couldn't go with us--we missed him a lot! Last year, we forced her to ride one ride--the trucks. Honestly, that is what we were expecting this time. Our first stop was the petting zoo. We spent at least 30 minutes in there as she was running back and forth between the animals petting and feeding them.

She even mastered the two handed feed--which was important because there were a lot of very hungry animals! No telling how many times Bo Bo put a quarter in and got more food!

Last night as she was watching the news with My May she saw a bunch of rides at the fair. She told My May and had been telling me all day that she wanted to ride the rides. Well, ride she did! The caterpillar was her first ride. It started with a loud screech, so her hands went immediately to her ears, but they quickly went above her head and she enjoyed the roller coaster!

Of course, Baby Leigh was happy and content!

This carousel gets the record for the fastest speed. She loved it and Bo Bo got very dizzy!

Here she is with My May on the boat! She definitely did not inherit my stomach! She had no problem doing the spinning rides! She also rode the bus, the big ferris wheel, the bee, and maybe even a couple of rides that I am forgetting! I am thinking Bo Bo might be taking her on arm band day next year! She would have ridden and ridden, but we had to cut her off because it was bedtime!

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Anonymous said...

you guys are having too much fun - i want in next year. i don't ride much but maybe i will try one or two. honey