Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Fun at Chick-fil-A

Zeb is on call tonight- so to speed the evening along a little we went to Chick-fil-A for family fun night. Sara Beth played for about 20 minutes while Leigh squealed in delight at the kids running around. Then it was pumpkin painting time. Sara Beth watched the big kids for a few minutes and then dove right in to painting her pumpkin. The amazing thing is that she didn't get any paint on her. She was very very careful and very proud of her pumpkin. It was great fun!

on a side note--i get really annoyed at parents who sit and don't watch their kids --today there was a girl who very appropriately had a costume on that had "bratz" written across the front (i have no idea what bratz is, but it is exactly what she was)--sara beth was happily turning the wheel when the girl walked up and tried to push her away and keep her away--i watched them for a little while and when it was obviously not ending i walked in and told the 7 year old who was in the 3 and under play area that s.b. was playing with that and she could wait her turn and then play--usually i am big on s.b. sharing and taking turns, but this was ridiculous--i thought all was fine until...it was pumpkin painting time and s.b. was climbing on a chair to paint her pumpkin and this girl came and pushed s.b. off the chair so she could sit there--those poor chick-fil-a teenager girls didn't know what to do--i just made sure she was okay and then told her we would find her another chair--where was this girl's mom?-frustrating

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Carly Winborne said...

I found your blog from Emily Kent's. I love those two little girls of yours! Amen to your post about mothers not watching their kids. I thought it was funny that she was wearing a "bratz" costume! Over my dead body will mine be dressed like that!

Your post about the first day of school and Sara Beth asking if you called her is adorable! That's something my little girl would do.

Just wanted to say hi! I don't know you, but wanted you to know that a stranger was visiting your blog regularly! :)

Carly Winborne