Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Cousin

On Monday we loaded up and headed to Atlanta because Zeb's sister was going to have her second child. The kids were great in the car, unfortunately when we got there they both had really bad colds so we spent the whole time trying to keep them away from the others. We were so excited that we were able to be there when Alexandra was born! What a special time!

Ariana's big sister party the night before!
I think she is ready for Big Sis status!

The five Henson cousins waiting on number six!

And here she is...Alexandra Zoe Moyer 6lbs 2oz 18 in--TINY and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Since both girls had colds, Zeb and I opted not to hold her! We can't wait until Thanksgiving so we can hold her! Just a warning...I might not give her up...I love babies!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for making the trip. i know it was an effort but it was special for you to be here. we love you. honey