Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Class Reunion

The Jackson Prep class of 98 reunion was this past weekend. We had a great time visiting with old friends. We had a very busy weekend. We managed to make it to all four functions!

There aren't a lot of children yet, but there aren't many girls at all! I think only 4! Here is Sara Beth keeping up with the Segrest, Werne, and Lowry boys! She even played a game of football with Henry!

We went to the first half of the football game on Friday night! Sara Beth was obsessed with the cheerleaders! We moved back and forth in the stands as they moved! Sara Beth jumped and played with her pom pom all night! Leigh on the other hand wasn't interested. She fell asleep sitting up in Zeb's lap with her head tilted to the side!
So, normally we keep Sara Beth on a fairly healthy diet. It really isn't that hard since she loves fruit and vegetables! However, Friday night she ate a piece of bread and a bag of fritos. Saturday for lunch she had another bag of chips and two cookies! It was one of those very rare times when we didn't care what she ate as long as she didn't have a meltdown! It worked!!!!
Anna, Jamie, Molly, and I were definitely dressed appropriately for the picnic on Saturday. The young mom look consisted of a black shirt and jeans! We might have planned this in high school, but not now!

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Anonymous said...

none of us were surprised that sara beth liked the cheerleaders. looks right up here alley honey