Monday, October 10, 2016

A Big Weekend

We made the most of this long and gorgeous weekend! My grandparents took me to the fair and now my parents have continued the tradition.  The best we can remember, we've been going to the fair for 32 years.  Most years, my sister Elizabeth and her family are able to come!  This was one of those years.  

We got to the fair a few minutes before everyone else and jumped on a ride--well everyone but me.

Of course we hit up the petting zoo.

I found a cool spot to sit to give Ayres her bottle!

Millie Ruth's first fair ride--safe to say that she is hooked!

Someone got a little motion sick...

This was the first time we have gotten corn at the fair--it won't be the last.  That stuff is good!

Saturday morning we were up and going.  First off we had family pictures and then Sam had the last two soccer games!  Both girls finished a book on the fields.

Finishing the year with a  trophy!

After rest time we headed up to the farm.

All smiles leaving on the gator...

 and then we saw them walking back--ha ha.  The gator had broken down!

Sam spent a lot of the afternoon in my lap--poor guy--he had a 102 fever by the time we got home and no voice!

 Sam and I spent Sunday at home while everyone went to church and lunch.  That afternoon the girls went back to the farm to spend the night!  
I'm sad I missed the s'mores--maybe my favorite dessert!

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