Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This hamburger loving beauty turned 8 years old last week!  Her birthday fell on the first day of Spring Break so she got to relax and have fun all day!  She wanted hamburgers for dinner and due to the pouring rain and not being able to grill at home we hit up 5 guys!  Since it was her birthday, we let her get one with a double patty and she ate EVERY SINGLE bite!

My May was the Mystery Reader for her class and  brought mini cupcakes so her class could celebrate!

She had her party at Deep South Pops!  It was very fun and very easy!

They painted ceramic birds, made a bracelet out of popsicle sticks, and did a coloring sheet!  Oh, and ate a popsicle!

She asked for a key lime pound cake for her birthday cake.

And of course I have to flash back to a few of my favorites!

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