Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random pics

I seem to always stay behind, but I'm determined to continue to do this so that I will be able to recall the details of life since it is going so quickly!  

Back during Christmas break, the Shirleys were in town and we were able to meet them for a very fun dinner at The Iron Horse.  It's so much fun that my sister and Brad are also friends with them!  Thank you Laura and Wilson for carving out time for us!

The Children's Museum never gets old!

Sara Beth and I had quite the Scrabble game going, but I was so frustrated with other mommas.  4 or 5 times in the 20 minutes we played, we had mothers come (and most without asking) borrow one of our letters (WHILE WE WERE PLAYING) so she could spell out her kids name and get a picture.  Now, I have so so many of the same pictures and they are precious, but there was just such a sense of entitlement.   One time she even asked us to move a word so she would have room.  I politely did, but I made sure my kids got a nice lecture about what not to do when we left!  

Making 60 plus lunch sandwiches for the freezer!  It's much quicker now that my help is getting helpful!

Crafting their Christmas gifts..

My mom gave Sam an airplane making book.  I do believe it may be his favorite Christmas gift.  He has such a sweet Daddy that will help him make each one!  There are 25 total and they have  made 12 so far.  Sam asks EVERY SINGLE DAY to make one!  My side table in the kitchen is now an airplane hanger.  If you come over, Sam will gladly tell you each planes name and the speed it can fly.

 All of our crew are really good eaters.  However, the kids all have really different favorite foods.  Zeb and I laugh regularly that we should just put dinner in the center of the table for them and let all three kids eat from the center.  All the food would be gone and  everyone would be full.  He decided to be extra nice one evening when the eating started to stall and let the kids switch plates.  They thought this was a great idea!

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