Saturday, October 25, 2014

#1 for 2 weeks at least!

I have to get this post on the blog while MS State is still #1!  We were able to make it to the Texas A&M game this year!  Thanks Chase and Laura for letting us tailgate with y'all.

Having fun with cousins

Everyone loved the game!  SB followed it closely and now understands the game of football!

As you can see, we were really high up.  This meant it was chilly and super windy!  Sam almost lost his hat, so he spent some of the game holding down the hats!  Sweet Daddy is so patient!

I wish I noticed how bad this picture was when I took it--it looks more like a mug shot than 2 cute boys!  Sam and Carson were so excited to see each other!

The best of friends!  

 The Chi-O house has been completely redone and is huge now!  They had an open house and it was so fun to walk down memory lane with my two girlies and a great friend!!  I haven't been in the house since I graduated and it made me feel 20 years old again!  

And this is what the car ride home looked like!  A WIN plus 3 tired kiddos who didn't whine all day=success!

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