Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Pres Family Fun Night

First Pres had a Family Fun Night at the Braves gave last night.  We had a blast even though it was super rainy!  The rain delayed the game by almost 2 hrs (I think) but it drastically dropped the temps so when the game did start it was very nice!  We have had heat indexes of 110 this week, but last night the temperature was 78-80!  During the rain everyone just stood under the covered area and visited.  It was a fun time to catch up with people and meet a few people we didn't know.  The only disappointing thing was that my crew couldn't make it until the fireworks.  Thankfully they shot a few during the National Anthem.  As far as my kids know, that is all they did! (They didn't ask if there were going to be more--and we didn't tell.)  Zeb and I were really looking forward to the fireworks because Leigh announced the other day she had never seen them!  At least they have seen a few and hopefully SOON they can see some more!  Thanks First Pres!  It was lots of fun!

Game Time

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