Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 months (a little late)

Sam, you turned 7 months on the 2nd, but it has been a crazy month so I am just now getting around to posting!  You are very long and very lean!  I'm not sure of your stats-but the long and lean is very obvious!  You have had a solid month of sickness.  More like 4 months...but, since Friday and Saturday you are feeling better and we could not be more excited!  You ran a temperature for a solid month and had the worst cough I have ever heard! You still have a little cough, but it is so much better!  You learned to sit up a few weeks ago and are very proud of that accomplishment.  It definitely gives you a better view to watch your sisters from!  You love toys--way more than your sisters did.  You particularly like this tractor with farm animals.  I think tonight might be your last night as a toothless baby.  You have the "cut" on the bottom right tooth!  That makes me a little sad!  You have some tongue thrust issues and getting baby food down isn't the easiest thing.  However, you can get some down which is way more than Leigh ever did.  We are not worried at all!  We know you will eat better when you get solid foods and until then we will keep trying!  Today, we went to the neighborhood park and you got to swing outside for the first time.  You really liked it.  You always take naps in the swing so you got really sleepy-ha!  You take a morning nap when we take your sisters to school and then a short one when we pick them up.  We are working toward getting your good afternoon nap back.  Our goal is about 2 hours.  When you don't nap well in the afternoon you need a short 5 o'clock snooze!  Generally you sleep from 7 p.m. to 6-6:30 a.m.  You wear mostly 6 months clothes.  We love you lots!


Anonymous said...

i am so glad that he is finally well. hope he stays that way. the pictures of him are really cute. love you too Sam. honey.

Anonymous said...

I love you Sam! 